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I find HQS to be a client focused company that have provided Elverys with a high standard service for over 10 years. Their WMS system supports our staff in performing the processes required to handle all inventory management tasks within our warehouse and supply chain operation.

Allowing  Elverys to create ongoing efficiencies with automation of tasks which has seen a substantial increase in productivity within our warehouse.

HQS continuously look for solutions to upgrade our capabilities so that we can deal with the fast changing environment of retail and distribution.

Stacey Holian
Elverys Sports

We opened our webstore warehouse in 2010 to test the Market. We were recommended HQ Software from another client. Their system requires little training and it has integrated seamlessly with our E-Commerce Platform, ERP system and our carriers to provide an efficient supply chain from Customer Order to Delivery. Both, the system itself and a very professional HQ Software team have helped us to successfully grow and expand our online operations over the past years.

Marcin Kantor
Home Store + More

We moved to HQ Software in March 2017 and it has transformed our warehouse allowing massive growth in Sales with little resources added to the Warehouse Team. Always quick to support us if required we run a dual shift Warehouse and have increased output by 50% since going live. 

Patrick Murphy

We have had 2 bespoke products and now we use the core product hqWMS. This has grown significantly over the last few years and we will utilise it fully when moving to our new Warehouse in 2019. Quick support when needed and a product that does not stand still in this fast changing market.

Cormac Moore
Somora Motor Parts

We moved to our new premises in 2015, and HQ software were there from the start. We experienced unprecedented growth during this time, and HQ adapted to our every need and request with great enthusiasm, speed and professionalism. HQ helped us to introduce various reports to analyse efficiencies through the whole stocking lifecycle, which is invaluable at management level. 

Damien Larkin
Comline Ireland

Using hqWMS has allowed us to focus resources away from day to day warehouse operations. Using the system has eliminated our picking issues and reduce our returns backlog by using mobile devices to pick and scan products in the warehouse.

John O'Hanlon
National Autoparts

We went live with hqWMS in June 2014. Initially using specific Freezer compatible handhelds and in 2015 we rolled out Tablets using the POD Application which works directly with WMS handling Electronic signatures and returns.  Using their solution has improved our stock management and the support is Excellent.

Josy Marshall
Millbrook Foods

Mobile Sales and Distribution

We have worked with HQ Software since 2012. HQ have worked with us to provide a rugged solution for all our distributors. We have seen HQ Software grow and the product grow over the years and they continue to keep our drivers and staff happy, recently upgrading to Android.

Pat Fox
Johnston Mooney and O'Brien

We have developed a great relationship with HQ Software and their dedication to the national roll out of Android tablets to our drivers has been outstanding. 

They were also very quick to understand our industry specific requirements & to build these changes into their product.

David Barrett
Gallaghers Bakery